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Erasmus+ Survey 2016 is launched! Participate and help us improve the Programme!

The Erasmus+ Survey 2016 is launched! The LLLPlatform makes an annual review of the Erasmus+ programme implementation and shares its results with policy-makers to enhance the application process and the content of the programme. This survey is conducted by the Platform to evaluate how beneficiaries have experienced the 2nd round of applications of the Erasmus+ programme: what do you think of Erasmus+? Are you satisfied with its new features? What problems did you encounter? What suggestions for improvement would you make? The survey can be answered in English, French and German; answering should not take you more than 15 to 30 minutes of your time and will contribute greatly to improve the programme. Deadline to reply is 15 September 2016. Results will be presented at the Erasmus+ Coalition Policy debate on 10 October 2016, launch of the LLLWeek2016.

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