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Volonteurope Annual Conference // Malta, 12-14 November

Registration for the 23rd Annual Volonteurope Conference in Valletta, Malta (12-14 November 2014), is now open. The event, entitled ‘Enlargement, Migration and Social Cohesion in the EU’ will address a range of key issues, debated during official events, keynote addresses from practitioners and specialists on enlargement, migration, social cohesion and fundamental rights, as well as four thematic Roundtables giving the participants an opportunity to discuss some of the following topics (challenges to mobility and migration, impact of enlargement on civil society and volunteering, etc.). The Conference will also celebrate the 8th Active Citizens of Europe Awards and be the occasion to launch a major report from Volonteurope on “The Impact of Enlargement and Migration on Social Cohesion and Fundamental Rights in the EU”.