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UNESCO Global Education Coalition – Supporting young people in their learning and professional journey

The pandemic has amplified the increasing need for digital skills in all aspects of today’s life: to work, to learn, and to communicate.

In order to support young people around the world in their learning and professional journey, Pix, the French online platform open for everyone to assess, develop and certify their digital skills, joined the Global Skills Academy as one of its founding partners in July 2020.

As part of the Global Skills Academy, one of the three missions of the Global Education Coalition, Pix is making its original platform available free of cost to support the evaluation and development of digital skills and is working closely with trainers from TVET institutions in five African countries.

Through an interactive platform, Pix ensures that learners receive a tailor-made training based on previously assessed skills. Pix provides key insight on the strengths and weaknesses of their trainees to help them adapt their teaching and target the areas where their learners need to improve. Thanks to clues and tutorials available on the platform, trainees can also learn while testing their skills across five areas of digital competence: information and data; communication and collaboration; content creation; protection and security; and digital environment.

More information on the platform is available here.