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SOLIDAR Conference – The ingredients for an inclusive jobs, growth and investment agenda // 2 December, Brussels

social europeSOLIDAR is organising a round table debate on investing in education and lifelong learning, as a part of the “The ingredients for an inclusive jobs, growth and investment agenda” conference and Lifelong Learning Week 2014 on 2 December. SOLIDAR advocates for a policy change that puts social consolidation back at the heart of EU policies, and against the background of European social fabric which has been seriously damaged by the economic crisis and the effects of austerity policies. The mid-term review of the EU2020 strategy provides a new momentum for this. There will be altogether three roundtable debates covering the key ingredients expressing the vision for a more inclusive jobs, growth and investment agenda. SOLIDAR considers investment crucial to be appointed to social progress and lifelong learning in order for Europe to move beyond its current damaged state.