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SOLIDAR – Call for contributions to the citizenship & lifelong learning monitor 2020

SOLIDAR Foundation is launching the new cycle of members contributions for the next edition of the CItizenship and Lifelong learning Monitor!

SOLIDAR Foundation flagship publication is a comprative report directly derived from the landmark 2015 Paris Declaration, which had EU education ministers pledging to promote citizenship. This shall again serve as the report’s backbone, which will be structured on three thematic areas representing objectives mentioned within the Declaration and providing with further evidence-based policy recommendations to feed in the debate at the national as well as EU level.

If you would like to see the work of your organisation featured in the next edition of the Monitor, and benefit of a benchmarking analysis based on CSOs’ case studies for Citizenship and Lifelong learning…this is the moment to let us know!

Members contributing to the 2020 edition of the Monitor will be signing an agreement with SOLIDAR Foundation stating the contribution that they shall be remitted for assisting the Secretariat in the drafting endeavour.

For further information please address your queries to and