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School Student’s Europe 2024

OBESSU launched its campaign for the European Parliament Elections “School Student’s Europe 2024“. 

This campaign, designed by their membership, takes into consideration two main problems:

  • OBESSU represent learners at different levels. Many of them are underage, and in the majority of countries this means that they hold no right to vote. This situation is even more harsh on those that do not hold a citizenship status and therefore voting status, like young migrant and refugee learners.
  • In the current political situation in Europe, participation at all levels needs to be fostered and promoted, though casting votes in the ballot box but also through other means.

Starting from these statements, our campaign is built on:

  1. manifesto based on the most relevant topics for OBESSU, as expressed by our membership at our last Council of Members. Read it here.
  2. toolkit for actions on democratic participation which you can read here. In the toolkit you can find inspirations and tips on how to organise events on the topic of democratic participation, like shadow elections, simulations etc.
  3. specific Seeds for Integration call targeted at non-voters in EU elections like young migrants, for which you can request funding and take some inspiration from the toolkit on what to organise which you can find here.
  4. communication campaign that will be released later in the month, and will feature:
    1. “I Vote for School Student Rights” stickers – in English but we will also provide modifiable version for you to print in your own language
    2. Facebook badges for profile pictures
    3. Banners with claims (and blank) for visual actions like photo collections.
  5. Participation to the YO!Fest organised by the European Youth Forum on 30th April in cooperation with the European Students Unions.

What can you do? 

First and foremost, you can share our manifesto and toolkit for action. 

Secondly, you can apply to our specific Seeds call and organise one (or more) of the activities proposed in the toolkit for action.We are happy to prepare a project together!

Thirdly, you can get ready to take over social media!

We count on you! 

If you have questions, you can always contact!