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#RecogniseStudyAbroad Event

On 29 March, #RecogniseStudyAbroad will be holding an event in the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by MEP Victor Negrescu. Mobility of school students is hindered in practice by a poorly enabling legal framework, since the school period spent abroad is not recognised in many Member States. Last year, EEE-YFU and EFIL, with the support of OBESSU, EPA, KeyCoNet and EUROCLIO, launched the campaign #RecogniseStudyAbroad, aiming to raise awareness among policy-makers about this lack of recognition and its implications for young people and their families. The commitment and support of MEP Victor Negrescu and of the European Parliament Youth Intergroup to the campaign are resulting in the initiative to submit a written question for oral debate in the European Parliament plenary. Register following this link if you wish tot attend.