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Online Course – The EUROLTA Certificate in Language Learning to Adults

What is EUROLTA?
EUROLTA (European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults) is an internationally recognized teacher training program to train you to teach languages using up–to-date methodologies. The EUROLTA certificate is developed, issued and recognised by the ICC, a network of leading institutions of adult education in Europe and around the world.
Who can take EUROLTA?
EUROLTA is designed for those who wish to enter the profession of language teaching and gain a teaching qualification, for those who have only little language teaching experience and feel they need to upgrade their teaching skills, and for those who have some years of teaching experience and want to exchange ideas with colleagues from many countries in order to update their views on teaching and learning.
What makes EUROLTA different to other teaching qualifications?
  • EUROLTA is open to teachers of all languages.
  • EUROLTA is practical and flexible.
  • EUROLTA is learner-centred based on reflection on one´s own teaching practice.
How to submit your form
Please download the EUROLTA application from the website here and return it to

Contact details
If you have any questions regarding the EUROLTA online course content, please send an email to Myriam Fischer at

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