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No Alternative Facts

We all play a crucial part in this information system. Every time we passively accept information without double-checking, or share a post, image or video before we’ve verified it, we’re adding to the noise and confusion. The system is now so polluted, we have to take responsibility for independently checking what we see online. To meet these challenges the No Alternative Facts project seeks to sensitise young citizens for the role that propaganda and misuse of digital media can play in creating cultural conditions for extremist, racist, xenophobic and radical behaviours, promoting at the same time a thoughtful and critical use of the media.

The project has been formed as a strategic partnership to develop innovation in media literacy in adult education by developing, testing and implementing innovative practices, creating new curricula, courses and accompanying learning materials and tools for tutors and trainers that support disadvantaged young adults; creating a new, online learning resource through gamebased learning and support tutors, teachers and educators, creating new learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches.

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