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ISCA – Physical distancing is now a duty, but physical activity is still a human right!

Original comment by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby.

In many countries the most commonly used action to minimise the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing – or more precisely, physical distancing. OR more directly: Keeping physical distance from one another.

As this can be practically impossible if many people are gathered in one place, we see countries limiting gatherings of groups to 100, 10 or even a maximum of two people in a given space – or even outdoors.

Physical or social distancing may feel like tough limitation of life that defies human instincts. But right now it seems to be a HUMAN DUTY for all of us.

The sport and physical activity sector are typically composed of physical and social interaction. However, for the next period of time, we have to limit ourselves to social interaction at a distance.

But although it may be a human duty to stay apart, it is still our human right to move around and be active, if we are healthy enough to do so. Whether we are restricted from our gyms, sports clubs, parks or completely restricted to being indoors, we are still allowed to exercise in the space we have.

Around the world, there are many initiatives and much creativity emerging as to how we can be physically active at home and without physical social interaction.

The NowWeMOVE campaign’s MOVEment Pills videos give 65 examples of simple exercises that can be adapted to indoor spaces.

Do not hesitate to share with us your organisation’s or national example of how to be physically activated at a time of social distancing at on ISCA’s Facebook page.