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ILO report on Future of Work calls for effective lifelong learning systems

The International Labour Organization published its report on “Work for a brighter future“, by its Global Commission on the Future of Work. The report proposes a human-centred agenda for the future of work that strengthens the social contract by placing people and the work they do at the centre of economic and social policy and business practice. This agenda consists of three pillars of action, which in combination would drive growth, equity and sustainability for present and future generations:
  1. Increasing investments in people’s capabilities
  2. Increasing investments in the institutions of work
  3. Increasing investments in decent and sustainable networks
From shifts in the organization of work to the new technologies making their way into farms, factories and offices, change is a constant feature of the world of work. Leveraging the transformations under way to open doors and create opportunities for human development requires that workers have an entitlement to lifelong learning. Lifelong learning encompasses formal and informal learning from early childhood and basic education through to adult learning, combining foundational skills, social and cognitive skills (such as learning to learn) and the skills needed for specific jobs, occupations or sectors.
The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomes ILO report and its call to establish lifelong learning systems and opportunities for all. We believe that such systems can be put in place only by breaking the silos in education systems and by promoting and reinforcing cross-sector cooperation. There is no shortcut. This requires better support to sectors that are underrepresented as well as better recognition of the non-formal and informal learning. In addition, LLLP believes that societal challenges ahead of us can only be faced if the citizens are equipped with “skills for life” in a sustainable approach; both professional and personal development of individuals need important investments, in infrastructures and beyond.