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Hungary: a shrinking civic space – a dilemma for Europe? Policy briefing // Brussels, 6 November 2014

unnamed (4)CIVICUSEuropean AlternativesEuropean Civic Forum and the European Foundation Centre (EFC) invite you to an ad hoc, interactive policy briefing on the current situation around the civic space in Hungary to take place in Brussels on 6 November. The session aims to discuss and assess what action can be taken within the EU to ensure that civic space is protected, identify ways in which communities and NGOs locally can be supported to be resilient, and ensure that they have the capacity to defend their operating environment. To tackle this issue, the meeting will kick off with expert analysis of the situation in Hungary, after which the MEP and civil society voices from within Hungary and other parts of Europe will share their perspectives and discuss potential ways forward. You can find more practical information about the event on the EFC’s website.