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European Students’ Network Imagine an Erasmus for all

In a recent event, the ESU brought together students from various countries to deliberate on an all important question: What would the ideal Erasmus grant system look like, taking into consideration inclusiveness and affordability requirements?

This question remains hugely relevant with an extensive body of research drawing attention to the persistent under-representation of lower-income and marginalised groups in the programme.

These gaps matter. Not only does Erasmus provide a rich cultural experience in a new learning environment, it also cultivates better employment prospects and increases a persons likelihood of pursuing further learning mobility.

So how did the students’ imagine an ideal grant system? Here are the main takeaways:

  • The grant is to be based not only on the costs of living in the host country but also on the area where a student is from – for example, rural areas – and to adjust the travel grant amount accordingly.
  • A more inclusive grant would allow many students to enjoy their mobility experience without being concerned about financial issues.
  • The Erasmus Plus programme should take more into account the various costs of living in the different program countries, even if they are in the same group of countries.

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