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EUROCLIO-NEPC conference on Teaching History for Democratic Citizenship on 31 January

NEPC, the Network of Education Policy Centers, and EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators, will organise a joint event under the title “Teaching History for Democratic Citizenship: How does History Education Contribute to Social Cohesion and Respect for Diversity Today?” on 31 January (10.00-13.00) at the European Parliament in Brussels (room ASP 1G2). The event will be hosted by MEP Malika Benarab-Attou (FR, Greens/EFA) and MEP Oleg Valjalo (CR, S&D). Interim results of the European project “Making History Work for Tolerance: A Research-Based Strategy to Reduce the Intolerant Usage of History Teaching in the EU” will be presented and followed by an interactive panel discussion on challenges and opportunities for history education in nowadays society, with a focus on the risks of political manipulation of the topic in certain contexts. Registrations and information here.