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Recognition of Prior Learning – a tool to empower entrepreneurs

Eucen – European University Continuing Education Network – is a full partner of a new project, ARPEL4Entrep, seeking to enhance the Recognition of Prior Learning for entrepreneurs. This project will be developing a programme encouraging entrepreneurs without formal education to accredit and recognise their prior experience and learning as part of a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs acquire various skills out of necessity throughout their experience. ARPEL4Entrep intends to find out which are the most needed skills which could complement and broaden their experience. Therefore, before the programme is developed, we invite you to fill in this survey, thus helping us to identify the most valuable areas to cover. Follow this link to access the online form: (available in English, Italian, Greek, Slovak and French at the moment).

We would be pleased to count on your contribution. Do not hesitate to forward this information to entrepreneurs you may know: the more answers we receive the better! Thank you for your feedback.

Contact: Julie Wietrich –