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EucA – Increasing Youth’s Digital Civic Participation

Under the framework of the “Europeans Go Digital” project (co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union), 69 students from 17 EU countries went to Rome, Italy, to work together during three days on a revolutionary and innovative Hackathon. A creative problem-solving exercise to create and test solutions for increasing Youth’s Digital Civic Participation.

The participants worked in 15 teams under 3 thematic areas: Online Engagement in Social Media, Grassroots Initiatives and Top-down Consultation Tools. They built projects, proposed creative solutions to their challenges, and presented to the jury new apps and platforms to make the EU more accessible to everyone, to be more protagonists in the decision-making, and strive for transparency and accurate information. In the following months, they will have to implement these projects and solutions in their communities and encourage their peers and first-time voters to engage in the EU democratic life.

3 groups, 1 for each thematic area, won a spot for one of the next #EuropeansGoDigital events that will take place in 2022 in: Hungary (20-23 March), Poland (4-6 May) and Belgium (26-28 October).

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