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EucA – Events for students – Apply now

Europeans Go Digital!  is the EU project awarded to EucA and partners in the field of active citizenship to empower and support young people to improve their citizens’ participation in the EU in a digital way. After the successful Hackathon in Rome on digital civic engagement, students from 12 countries will meet to debate and share their vision for a digitalized European society through the next 3 highly experiential events (from now to Oct 2022) around Europe. 

Second Event: Szeged, Hungary- 20-23 March

Participants: Students and young people from EU countries

Methodologies: Oxford-style Debate and Idea Challenge

Topic: Cybersecurity

Costs of travel, accommodation for 3 nights and some meals are covered.

Applications here Deadline to apply: 23 January 2022 at 23:59 (CEST)