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Education for Media Literacy Basic outline of the educational concept Media in Waldorf education

The declared aim of Waldorf education is to help children cope with the demands of modern life after completing school – and this necessarily includes the development of media literacy. At leaving school, all pupils should be able to use all kinds of media properly for their own education, and also understand exactly how media are technically structured and how they work. They should therefore develop competences regarding the use of educational media through theoretical and, above all, practical media education.

With this objective, Waldorf education is designed to address the current demands of modern times. The decisive difference to other pedagogical views lies solely in the methodology, in the way in which the educational goal of “media literacy” can be achieved.

In its educational concept, Waldorf education is explicitly oriented towards the developmental steps children take from birth to adulthood, through three major stages of development, each lasting approximately seven years.

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