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The Covid 19 shutdown has challenged students, as well as higher education institutions across Europe, to quickly adapt to a new learning and teaching situation at home, one that is characterised by digitisation and distance learning. In this process, new teaching and learning methods have been introduced and tried out. While the teachers’ situation was immediately addressed by support measures, the difficulties faced by students were not initially considered.

In this situation, EDEN wanted to give students a voice.

How do students actually perceive the current situation and their studies? Do students feel they have a say at all, and are their problems heard and sufficiently addressed? Where do they need concrete support by higher education institutions?

These question are throughly explored by EDEN, drawing on first-hand accounts which provide an intricate portrait of the challenges, lessons and hopes for the future – as told by students.

It is clearly observed that students have become fully aware, throughout the pandemic, that there are different ways of studying. They autonomously develop their quality requirements when it comes to teaching and learning and perceive these requirements consciously. They organise their studies – and their lives – independently and ask for individualised and easily accessible support services.

After the pandemic, they will continue to articulate their demands. Students see and demand the potential to be involved in the teaching of the future, and it is imperative that institutions recognise and realise that potential. Higher education can no longer afford not to include students in this important debate.

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