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#EcoFighters – School students for the environment

Our members at OBESSU are launching a MOOC on school students activism for the environment!

If you were looking for a super fun and educational course on the environment and activism, look no more – you are at the right place!
Enroll this amazing course in order to go through a journey of 6 modules where you will:

  1. In the first module you will learn about the current state of our Environment.
  2. In the second module you will be able to learn about your individual impact on the planet, as well as the activities that you can undertake to make a change.
  3. The third module will give you some examples of activist driven actions that different changemakers are taking to tackle the problem of climate change.
  4. In the fourth module you will learn how to organize your own environmental project to maximize your effects.
  5. In the fifth module you will learn how to develop and lead your projects from start to end.
  6. In the sixth module you will learn how to advocate and scale your impact by influencing environmental policies.

After finishing all these modules and completing the quiz you can get an #EcoFighters certificate!

The first cycle of the course will be open until 31 May 2021, so make sure to get your certificate by then!