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EARLALL – Resilient Skills Ecosystems for a Crisis-proof Future

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a great impact in all spheres of life, changing the way in which we relate to each other, communicate and learn. In this context, resilience has emerged as a key skill to face such a crisis and be ready for other potential disruptions that might happen in the future. Therefore, EARLALL is happy to announce the launch of its initiative “Resilient Skills Ecosystems for a Crisis-proof Future”, emphasising not only resilience as a skill, but also the need of resilient skills governance systems in order to guarantee that lifelong learning never stops and no one is left behind whatever the circumstances.

This initiative will set the path towards this year’s Annual Conference, to take place in Rennes on 5-6 November 2020. A range of activities is proposed to EARLALL Member Regions so they can benefit from peer-learning and develop strong and resilient skills ecosystems that let them thrive even if circumstances are challenging.


  • Find regional and local best practices in crisis management and reaction capacity of education and training systems in the context of COVID-19.
  • Identify common challenges and potential areas of cooperation to make skills ecosystems more resilient.
  • Set a path for regional and local authorities to build strong, resilient skills ecosystems that are crisis-proof.
  • Explore new ways in which resilience as a skill can be promoted via curricula as an essential component of key competence 5 (personal, social and learning to learn competence).


  • Initiative launch, 28 May 2020
  • COVID-19 best practice gathering among Member Regions: survey and interview, June-July 2020
  • VET and ALE online workshop25 June 2020
  • EARLALL Insights newsletter’s special issue, tbc, Summer 2020
  • Participation at 3 workshops in the context of the European Week of Regions & Cities 2020, Brussels and online, 12-15 October 2020
  • EARLALL Annual Conference 2020, Rennes, 5-6 November 2020