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YearAE2017_logo_color_gifEAEA’s campaign the Year of Adult Education in Europe 2017 has been launched! In order to make this year-long celebration of adult education visible throughout Europe, we ask for your promotional support. With the campaign EAEA wants to celebrate adult education and the work of civil society organisations in Europe. By bringing together the events of EAEA members and other adult education organisations, we want to demonstrate how adult learning can improve citizens’ lives and prospects in Europe, both on a personal and on a professional level. In addition to showcasing the benefits of adult education, we will also collect key messages and best practices from the event organisers to be shared with policy-makers and adult educators at the end of the year.

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Name: EAEA Year of Adult Education in Europe 2017 – the Power and Joy of Learning

Aims of the campaign
– To celebrate together the impact and benefits (the power and joy) of adult learning;
– To highlight the societal, economic etc. impacts of adult education and make visible adult learning in Europe.

Campaign timeline
– Launch week: 30 January–3 February 2017
– Campaign timeline: January–December 2017

Target groups
– EAEA members and other CSOs working with adult education in Europe;
– policy-makers;
– general public.

Communications channels
– Social media: Facebook, Twitter, other social media channels
– compose social media posts (see below examples) and/or share/retweet EAEA’s campaign posts on Facebook and Twitter.
– Network organisations’ websites, newsletters and other channels
– If possible, please add an article to your website, newsletter and other communications channels. The logo and links are found attached to this message. Basic information about the campaign can be found for example from the About section at the campaign website.

– EAEA’s @name: @EAEA2020
– General hashtag: #YearAE2017
– for event/campaign information sharing
– Activating hashtags: #PowerOfLearning / #JoyOfLearning