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Don’t miss Volonteurope Seminar on ‘Rural Isolation of Citizens in the EU’ // Roma, Italy – 29 September

Volonteurope’s upcoming seminar on ‘Rural Isolation of Citizens in the EU’, which is organised in partnership with AUSER, will explore the problem of rural isolation amongst EU citizens and propose possible solutions to the challenges posed by the issue. The seminar will mark the start of Volonteurope’s two-year campaign on the problems of, and solutions to, rural isolation. As a result of recent European enlargement, the EU’s rural population has increased substantially from 75 million to 116 million, rendering the issue of rural isolation all the more salient. While rural areas are home to a significant portion of the EU’s population and contribute to its economy, they lag behind urban areas in employment, education and growth – all of which are part of the Europe2020 Strategy. More information online.