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COSMIC – CO-creating and Sharing digital Methodologies In Circus Education

FEDEC & FFEC Association are happy to announce that their EU project ‘COSMIC’ has been selected by Erasmus+ with a total score of 96/100! COSMIC will introduce professional circus schools to the use of digital technology applied to their pedagogy.


The COSMIC project aims at enhancing the quality of circus education and training, on the same line of previous FFEC and FEDEC projects INTENTS and REFLECT.

The project will be an exchange of good practices that will allow professional Circus schools to develop new pedagogical methodologies but based on existing material.

This existing material – identified during interviews with each partner- is the ‘student Artistic Notebook1’ that is used in most of the partner-schools. It will be experimented and developed in various ways thanks to a video-based software called MemoRekall. Project partners will also provide feedback to the software developers, helping to adapt it to the needs of the Circus education sector.

Want to know more? Read about the project and get in touch with FEDEC