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Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe – Fundraising Campaign

The Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe gathers over 75 European networks and platforms with constituencies all across Europe,  uniting millions of citizens active in all areas of life: from education to culture, social inclusive, environment, governance and transparency. The Convention was established in February and is actively engaged to scrutinise the democratic functioning of the Conference on the Future of Europe  and ensure a real involvement of citizens and their representative associations in this process.

The Convention is about to kick off and the members of the Steering Committee have prepared a fundraising campaign in order to cover the costs of coordinating the process (approximately €50,000 to cover staff and other organisational costs in 2021). In this regard, the fundraising campaign is addressed to several MEPs to whom we have sent a letter inviting them to support the Convention with a donation of €1000 per MEP office.

The letters have been sent on behalf of Civil Society Europe representing the Convention (see template). However, we invite you to follow up and support the fundraising campaign by approaching the MEPs you may already have contact with. Nevertheless, note that the contact process should be coordinated in order to avoid overwhelming individual MEPs. Please find here attached a spreadsheet document in order to do so.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact CSE secretariat: