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BRIDGE 47s recent event Imagine 4.7 envisions a brighter future – through education!

Education is a key component for change, but realising a sustainable and socially just world can only be achieved through envisioning an education system that affords people the capacity to access both lifelong and life-wide education – for all and not the few, and at any point in time for that matter.

Brtidge 47s recent event Imagine 4.7 raised a pertinent question that is necessary to address if we are to achieve a sustainable and just transition: are we to carry on with “the old ways of doing things” or are we to pose a challenge by attempting to release education from its narrow confines of a particular stage in ones life?

The event was an exercise in the latter –  it was a space to dream, imagine and envision a brighter future where education is understood within the context of – any time, at any age, and for all.

The fundamental message expressed was that education, if allowed reach its full potential,  holds the capacity to create a baseline for transformative learning whereby people can shape the world as active global citizens and create enabling conditions for brighter futures to emerge.

Video recordings of all sessions are available on Bridge 47 Youtube channel. Also, all the materials can be found on the event website, under “programme”. You can also find all the resources that were mentioned in the chat box across all sessions by clicking here.