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ATEE announces the 2017 Awards

Our member ATEE just announced their 2017 Awards! Submit your research paper in one of the following categories. Deadline is September 1st. Research articles which have been submitted to one of the 4 categories below may receive an ATEE Award:

2017 ATEE Teacher Education Article Award
2017 ATEE Young Teacher Education Researcher’s Project Award
2017 ATEE Experienced Teacher Education Researcher’s Project Award
2017 ATEE Teacher Education Policy Article Award

Each Award has its own unique profile, targeted at a specific group of researchers or at a specific research area. Click on the links for more information on each. The winner of each award will be revealed at the 2017 ATEE annual conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia ( and announced on the ATEE’s website. All Awards bequeath a sum of money and professional prestige to the awardee. The intention behind the award is to boost the professional visibility of the awardee and to support the publication process. The first three Awards are sponsored by Routledge, and the last is sponsored by the Bath Spa University Institute of Education.