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AMeLiE – Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate speech

The AMeLiE project involves innovative practices in the digital era and regards the theme of social inclusion – two aspects of fundamental importance, which are strongly correlated and permeating our lives. Social inclusion is a priority that goes beyond national and European borders, becoming a central issue to be addressed in all fields and at all levels, from institutional to community based. The virtual world, the Internet, social media are to be considered proper communities and they should not be excluded from the common purpose to create and nourish a more tolerant, fairer and respectful society.

AMeLiE addresses the issue of online hate speech, a topic that is increasingly being discussed in public debate. The aim of the project is to train teachers and representatives of school communities (school managers, digital facilitators, but also representatives of families) on the specific methodology, which goes in the direction of getting a step forward also in the field of “digital citizenship”, in line with the next Digital Europe programme, thus going beyond basic computer skills and focusing on the formation of advanced media literacy skills for those in educational roles.

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