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2GETHERLAND online? Take the survey

Like many of us around the world, you might be at home because of the pandemic. Given the situation, an international gathering for children and adults in July started feeling like an unsafe idea. At the same time, and more than ever, we feel children and adults must remain connected and ACT2GETHER.So, if you can’t come to 2GETHERLAND, why won’t 2GETHERLAND come to you?

The team of children and adults that were preparing the event for you, met online and decided to make 2GETHERLAND an online campaign. The campaign will involve sharing small actions, inspiring stories and learning moments to help children and adults work as partners, as a way to deal with inequalities, but also the opportunities that exist in their lives today. To make this possible, we need your minds, hearts and hands. Please take 5 minutes to help us make this online campaign more interesting for you:

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