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23rd Annual Volonteurope Conference: ‘Enlargement, Migration and Social Cohesion in the EU’ // Malta – 12-14 November

Volonteurope in partnership with Malta Health Network will organise its next annual conference on Enlargement, Migration and Social Cohesion in the EU” in Valletta, Malta, on 12-14 November 2014. The Conference will be an important European civil society event highlighting the 10th anniversary of the biggest ever enlargement of the European Union as well as the trends, challenges and positive developments associated with mobility and migration in Europe – both intra-EU, as well as from outside of the Union. The Conference will address a range of key issues: fundamental rights of people in enlarged Europe, the impact of migration and enlargement on social cohesion, the challenges to mobility and migration and the impact of enlargement on civil society and volunteering. More information online.