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2010: the social dimension of Education and Training

More than 90 participants from various sectors of education and training, European, national and local authorities and social partners, were invited to discuss and share their perspectives and experiences on four main topics: active aging and intergenerational solidarity; social innovation in Lifelong learning: new ways to provide new skills for new societies, fighting social inclusion and poverty: investing in LLL, the key to economic and social recovery and Mobility for all: removing the barriers, creating opportunities.

On the basis of concrete experiences carried out by civil society organisations, participants were invited to an open discussion on the current situation. In a second step, they were invited to work on common recommendations. Each group came up with key messages and reported back to the plenary session. In all the workshops, they expressed the need for a holistic approach to learning, for balancing skills needs between “new skills for new jobs” and “new skills for new societies”; for developing partnerships between all stakeholders (families, educators, teachers, policy-makers, etc.); for considering education as a right and thus to provide specific and adapted services to those facing exclusion or to ensure a sustainable support to organisations that work with these specific publics because fighting poverty is a long-term process.

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