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The LLLPlatform announces its 2018 General Assembly

The Lifelong Learning Platform is happy to announce that it will be holding its 2018 General Assembly on 7 July in Vienna, Austria. The G.A. will follow the annual conference and will see the participation of the whole LLLP membership.

Members will gather to discuss the general direction of the LLLP, and will also proceed to the election of four new Steering Committee members. The rotation systems foresees that three members of the Steering Committee will end their mandate this year, and the General Assembly will be tasked with electing three new representatives, as well as filling in a fourth vacant seat. Members of the Platform are currently presenting their candicancy.

During the General Assembly members will be discussing the future of Erasmus+ as well as the LLLP positions on validation of non-formal learning and the synergies between culture & education. The E&T post-2020 policy developments will be part of the discussions too. The LLLP will offer a presentation from the OECD on the current status of investment in education in Europe, and two working groups will also take place.

The General Assembly will also be an occasion to vote on and welcome new members in the LLLP family. The LLLPlatform also invites interested organisations to come forward and apply as members of the Platform. If you are interested to become a member of the LLLP and would like to learn more about the procedures and added value, find more info here. Deadline for applications is 7 June 2018.