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LLLP at the EYE2018: spreading the word to make education inclusive for all!

On 1-2 June The Lifelong Learning Platform participated in the European Youth Event 2018 and contributed actively to the Yo!Fest 2018. Both events took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, to celebrate European youth and its contribution to shaping the future of Europe. The delegation of the LLLP was composed of 11 young Europeans: from the Platform and from member organisations like ESU, EucA and EUF, we all participated to bring the lifelong learning perspective to this milestone event. In fact, the “lifelong learners” delegation took part in many activities concerning the wider topic of education inside the European Parliament.


And we could not miss this chance to ask for an #Erasmusx10!

The Lifelong Learning Platform was one of the partners of the European Youth Forum for the Yo!Fest: the great youth village, situated just outside the European Parliament, was the nest for over 10.000 young people that arrived in Strasbourg. In this colourful festival, LLLP was involved in the conceptualisation of one of the five external hubs, the one titled “keeping up with the digital revolution”. Here we presented two of our projects: project DIGIT and project COMANITY. The first featured a questionnaire for young people, to understand how digitally aware we are in our online world. For the second one, qualitative interviews were carried out with youth workers.

The European Youth Event, which took place inside the Parliament, is a cornerstone event to engage youth in the mechanism of the European Union. And we did uphold to the task! We engaged in debates with MEPs on the renewed programme Europe for Culture, we brought in our vision of education in the discussion “Education and Training at your fingertips”, we tried to assess what active engagement in citizenship education leans, and much much more!

This great experience allowed us to truly engage with young European on what matters the most for us: inclusive and accessible education systems, for all. We are delighted to having been able to contribute to the wider debate of the role of youth in Europe through our perspective.