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LLLAwards 2018 – Announcement of the winners

In 2016, the Lifelong Learning Platform launched the Lifelong Learning Awards to celebrate creative and inclusive practices. The aim of the Lifelong Learning Award is to give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies. Because of this, the Lifelong Learning Platform selects each year its annual specific priorities, and sets its advocacy strategy on it. The LLLAwards are one of the tools that we use to mainstream our action.

This year’s edition will focus on the LLLPlatform’s theme of the year, “Lifelong Learning Culture: A partnership for rethinking education”. Because of the large topic, categories and applications were very broad, and encompassed lots of cross-sectoral issues.

For such an exceptional topic, we are glad to announce an outstanding Jury! Meet the members of the Jury and participate to the LLLAwards Ceremony on December 3rd!

We received over 60 applications, globally representing 29 countries, but we could only select 3 winners, for the three categories.

And the winners are…


Category ‘Learning Environments’: TOY for Inclusion, by International Child Development Initiatives – ICDI

TOY for Inclusion is a project that seeks to improve the transition experience of Roma children to schools by offering an innovative response to discrimination of Roma communities by creating community based Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Play Hubs (resource and meeting centres) where relationships between Roma and non-Roma young children and their families are built and interactions in safe play spaces across all generations are supported.

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Category ‘Active Citizenship’: Dare to Learn, by Sivistyskiihdyttämö Ry

Dare to Learn started as an initiative to unite professionals and amateurs from different contexts of lifelong learning for sharing best practices. They wanted to make ideas spread from from schools to workplace learning, and vice versa. They wanted to unite learning activists between countries at one festival for lifelong learning. To make this happen, there had to be an independent organizer to overcome the borders. This is why Dare to Learn is the world’s first learning conference organized by a student-run non-profit organization.

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Category ‘Validation’: EaSY, by FOCSIV

The EaSY – Evaluating Soft Skills in Youth – project aims to create a more objective evaluation process to recognize Soft Skills acquired through international volunteering, raising self-awareness among volunteers and supporting their future employability.