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LLLAwards2016: Celebrating Creative and Inclusive Intiatives in Lifelong Learning!

The Lifelong Learning Platform has launched the Lifelong Learning Awards to celebrate creative and inclusive practices during its Lifelong Learning Week 2016.

In 2016, the Lifelong Learning Platform will focus on the first priority of its Lifelong Learning Manifesto: “Building inclusive and democratic educational systems”. This priority covers different important issues such as citizenship and global education, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, fighting prejudices and discrimination, educational institutions democratic governance and learner participation, learning mobility for all and the use of arts and culture to tackle social challenges and enhance personal development.

The focus shall be placed on the creativity and inclusiveness of the initiatives more than on the specific topic.

Who can apply? How to apply? When to apply?

If your initiative complies to the following criteriae, you can apply!

  • Educational initiative, covering any educational sector (formal, non-formal or informal)
  • European initiative
  • An initiative using creative and inclusive learning methods with outstanding results and the potential to be replicated and/or of inspiring others.
  • The initiave shall enable citizens’ emancipation as a framework for personal development and well-being and citizens’ full participation in society in its civic, social and economic dimensions.
  • Apply online
  • Deadline for applications: 31 August 2016

Read the full Applicant’s Guidelines and apply online!