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The LLLWeek aims to raise awareness on lifelong learning’s capacity to answer many challenges of modern societies. The LLLWeek has over time become a milestone in the European education agenda, thanks to the support of civil society actors and Members of the European Parliament. The idea is to bring together learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives, and give them the opportunity to discuss today’s greatest educational challenges.

Save the date for the LLLWeek 2022 on 28 November – 2 December 2022!

LLLWeek 2021 – Rethinking learning outcomes

Building on LLLP’s annual theme of “The changing nature of evaluation in education and its impact on learners’ wellbeing”, the 11th edition of the LLLWeek addressed the contribution of civil society to rethinking assessment methods in order to better align them with wellbeing. Hosted by MEP Victor Negrescu, the LLLWeek hosted 13 (+2) events, welcomed more than 100 participants and joined forces with more than 10 EU and international organisations to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience! Download the report

LLLWeek 2020 – Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies

Aligning with the most important and burning topics of the year, the 10th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week addressed “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies”. The reflection, carried out online, involved dozens of policy-makers (including Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission and of the Council Presidency) as well as the organised civil society, whose contribution to the definition of European policies remain indispensable. The events and workshops organised during the LLLWeek represent both the culmination of LLLP’s stances on the matter, and the beginning of a new awareness on the role of education and training in sustainability.

LLLWeek2019 – Learning Democracy, Values and Participation

The 9th edition of the LLLWeek took place on 2-6 December and tackled the burning topic of “Learning Democracy, Values and Participation”, taking stock of the EU Elections in May 2019. MEP Dace Melbarde was the host of the LLLWeek, and we organised 15 debates on the most various topics: from citizenship education to students’ rights, from career guidance to adult learning and education, from validation and volunteering to global citizenship education. We are proud to say that we brought together learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives, and gave us all the opportunity to discuss today’s greatest educational challenges.

LLLWeek2018 – Lifelong Learning Culture

The 8th edition of the LLLWeek tackled the burning topic of “Lifelong Learning Culture – A partnership for rethinking education”. MEP Jill Evans was the host of the LLLWeek, and we organised 10 debates on the most various topics: from citizenship education to access to culture, from validation and volunteering to consumer education. We are proud to say that we brought together learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives, and gave us all the opportunity to discuss today’s greatest educational challenges.

LLLWeek2017: Education in a Digital World

The LLLPlatform held its 7th Lifelong Learning Week (LLLWeek) on 20-24 November 2017 in Brussels. For the seventh edition, the LLLWeek took place in cooperation with the 2nd edition of the Vocational Skills Week. For the second year in a row, the LLLWeek benefited from the partnership with the European Youth Forum. The LLLPlatform is also proud to announce that the LLLWeek2017 was supported by the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, as well as the LLL Interest Group and the Youth Intergroup. The main topic of the week was Education in a Digital World, the Platform’s theme of the year, envisaging the subject under 3 sub-topics which also govern the LLLAwards2017:

  • Education and Democracy
  • Education and Social Inclusion
  • Education and Innovative Pedagogy

Cooperation with the European Vocational Skills Week

The European Commission is organising a Second European Vocational Skills Week, to take place on 20 to 24 November 2017. Building on the success of the first Week in 2016, the Commission will continue to encourage us all to “Discover Your Talent” by focusing on excellent VET for quality careers. 2017 will see a particular focus on mobility, the importance of skills in sectors, and VET-business partnerships, through meetings in Brussels and national opening events in Member States. The Commission is looking for many events and activities across Europe from September to December 2017 to be associated with the Week, and placed on a central electronic map. In addition, a focused communications campaign will highlight all that’s going on to promote the central message. Join the European Commission in 2017 and “Discover Your Talent“!

LLLWeek2016: Learning to live together

programme_lllweek2016The 6th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week (#LLLWeek16) was held from 10 to 13 October in Brussels, gathering circa 200 policy-makers and educational stakeholders representing civil society organisations, academics and decision-makers, highlighting the key role lifelong learning plays in facing major societal  challenges nowadays. This year and for the first time, the LLLWeek was organised in partnership with the European Youth Forum, merging with the former Youth Education Week, to show our commitment to joining forces with young people and youth organisations. The 2016 LLLWeek was supported by the Youth Intergroup and the Lifelong Learning Interest Group.

“Collaboration between Civil Society Organisations such as the Lifelong Learning Platform and the European Youth Forum and the European Parliament is crucial in order to boost innovation in policy-making and vitality of the public debate in the education field. Our changing world needs flexible solutions and an inclusive perspective: education is not just a matter of employment, yet it covers active citizenship, human capital development and social inclusion. We must stand for a comprehensive acknowledgement and a strong improvement of all sectors of formal, non-formal and informal learning,” MEP Brando Benifei

Past LLLWeek

  • Press release – Lifelong Learning Interest Group – Well-being in learning brings return on investment

    The meeting of the Lifelong Learning Interest Group on 1 December 2021, taking place online and chaired by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, was held under the theme “Funding Education for Wellbeing”.
    Well-being in adult learning is in the New European Agenda for Adult Learning
    Ema Perme, representative of the Slovenian Presidency, highlighted the recent adoption of the New European Agenda for Adult Learning as one of the most important achievements of the Slovenian Presidency. “Well-being will be one of the cornerstones in […]

  • LLLWeek registrations are open!

    The 11th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week is open for registrations!
    Building on LLLP’s Annual Theme “The changing nature of evaluation in education and its impact on learners’ wellbeing“, the LLLWeek will take place in a hybrid form on the week of 29 November, in Brussels. While the European Parliament is yet to open its doors for events and seminars, LLLP members will bring their concerns directly to European institutions through 12 different online workshops!
    This year, the LLLWeek […]

  • Save the date for the LLLWeek 2021

    The 11th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week will take place on 29 November – 3 December 2021. For 2021, our iconic event will tackle the topic “The changing nature of evaluation in education and its impact on learners’ wellbeing“.

    The Lifelong Learning Platform has chosen this as its annual theme, and we have been carrying consultations with members, partners, representatives of the EU institutions, the Portuguese and the Slovenian Presidencies of the EU and several education stakeholders. From our […]

  • Lifelong Learning Interest Group of the European Parliament – Need for a more holistic approach in the European Education Area

    BRUSSELS, 9 December 2020. A high-level panel debate during the meeting of the Lifelong Learning Interest Group on 1 December launched a discussion on key issues related to the European Education Area. The discussion took place virtually during the Lifelong Learning Week 2020 and brought together more than 60 key stakeholders in the education, learning and training sector.
    A call for more Europe in education
    In her opening speech, MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland) addressed one of the […]

  • LLLAwards 2020 – Announcement of winners

    With the Lifelong Learning Awards LLLP takes a stand to celebrate creative and inclusive practices in education and training. The aim of the Lifelong Learning Award is to give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies. Because of this, the Lifelong Learning Platform selects each year its annual specific priorities and sets its advocacy strategy on it. The LLLAwards are one […]

  • Registrations for the LLLWeek 2020 are open!

    The Lifelong Learning Platform has opened the registrations to its flagship event, the Lifelong Learning Week! Celebrating its 10th edition, the LLLWeek 2020 will be hosted by MEP Kammerevert and will take place on 1-4 December 2020.
    This year’s topic is particularly relevant and urgent to tackle if we want to (re)build more solid, resilient and sustainable education systems. “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies”, in fact, is not only a slogan, but a true recipe for the future […]

  • Event report – “Inclusion at schools: from policy to practice”

    On the 6th of December, in the frame of the 2019 LLLWeek, the “Inclusion at schools: from policy to practice” (agenda) event took place at VLEVA, the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe. It was organised by LLLP with the support of Inscool project partners and EVBB, the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training.

    See the pictures

    LLLWeek 2019 – Learning Democracy, Values and Participation: a success!

    The 9th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week took place in the European Parliament on 2-6 December 2019. It was a dense week of debates, discussions and reflections upon the LLLP’s theme of the year: Learning democracy, values and participation: the added value of lifelong learning

    Some figures?🔸 900 participants (almost) 🏟🔸 hundreds of pictures (click here for the photo album) 📸🔸 dozens of amazing speakers and experts 🗣🔸 15 events ⚡️🔸 12 MEPs involved throughout the week […]

  • Press release – GRALE 4 Report launched at Lifelong Learning Interest Group meeting – LLLWeek19

    The fourth Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE) was launched on 5 December in Brussels at a meeting of the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning. The event, hosted by the Permanent Representation of Lower Saxony to the EU, took place in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Week 2019.

    Focus on adult learning to develop integrated, holistic solutions to global challenges

    The need for better recognition as well as financing of the education sector was at the centre of the […]

  • LLLP is looking for volunteers!

    The Lifelong Learning Platform is looking for volunteers during the LLLWeek 2019!

    On 2-6 December, the LLLPlatform will engage in its most iconic event in Brussels. With several debates, discussions in the EU Parliament, the LLLWeek Reception, workshops and internal working groups, there will be my opportunities to engage the education stakeholders and policy-makers. We are very ambitious with the LLLWeek, but also short-handed and the Secretariat is looking for extra help!

    Volunteers will engage in events activities, such as registration […]

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