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The 2nd World Conference on Future of Education (WCFEDUCATION) is the world’s leading event that dives deep into the latest developments in the fields of Education, Learning and Teaching. This event which will be held on September 11-13, 2020 in Brussels- Belgium by Acavent, is an opportunity for the world’s most renowned academics to come together and exchange their knowledge and facilitate discussions.


This premier conference on Education will cover a range of themes, including, but not limited to:

Adult Education, Art Education, Business Education, Course Management, Curriculum Development, Research and Development, Educational Foundations, Education Policy and Leadership, E-Learning, Gaming, Global Issues in Education and Research, ICT, Inclusive Education, Learning / Teaching Methodologies, Assessment, Pedagogy, Psychology, Technology and Education

The event also features an additional bonus for all attendees – a free tour of Brussels, a great chance for participants to mingle around as well as appreciate the city of Brussels famous for its vibrant culture, architecture, Art scenes and excellent cuisines.

Conference Venue:

Marivaux Hotel Congress & Seminar Centre, Brussels- Belgium

Conference Date:

11-13 September 2020


Acavent – Academic Event Organizer

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