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Validation of non-formal and informal Learning – Key integrating tool for Europe?

Event Details

European round table – powered by SOLIDAR Foundation and eucen will take place on 25 September in the European Parliament.  The guest will be discussing the state of play and possible next steps in validation of prior learning of newcomers – a central topic of Erasmu+ Project VINCE.

Newcomers are often prevented from enjoying their rights by many legal and practical barriers. This also represents an obstacle to their integration in hosting societies. One of the main challenges newcomers face is that, although they are frequently educated and skilled, their competences may not be recognised in the host society. Sometimes they reach their destination without official documentation that would prove their education level in their countries of origin. Other times language or cultural barriers prevent their integration. Validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL) could be a solution for newcomers. However, there is a lot to be done in order to adapt the current European VNIL procedures to the reality of these individuals. VINCE wants to contribute to the development of policies in that direction, so that newcomers have the chance to become full members of our society.


Preliminary Programme 

  • 11:30     Welcome
    Balazs NEMETH, President of eucen
  • 11:40     Refugees in Europe – successful cases and needs
    VINCE Project. Ruud DUVEKOT, Director EC-VPL (NL)
    Sirius Network. TBC
  • 12:00     VINCE – Validation for the inclusion of new citizens of Europe. Tools
    Carme ROYO, Executive Director of eucen
  • 12:15     Open discussion – Is VNIL the key integrating tool for new citizens of Europe?
    Moderator: Pat DAVIES, expert
  • 13:00     Closing
    Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Foundation