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Third International Young Carers Conference

Event Details

On the 16-17 November 2020, Eurocarers, the European Association working for carers and Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Linnaeus University (Sweden) will co-host the 3rd International Young Carers Conference in Brussels, on the themes “Identify, Support and Listen”. The Conference aims to shed light on the state-of-the-art in research and practice related to the needs and situation of young carers across the world. The call for abstracts is open for policy-makers, professionals working with young carers and young carers themselves to share current research, policy initiative, innovative practice, legislation or personal experience. (Deadline Thursday 30th April). 

Young carers are children and young people who provide care for a parent or relative with long-lasting limitations (chronic illness, disability, frailty or addiction). They carry out, often on a regular basis and without help or support, substantial caring tasks and assume a level of responsibility which would usually be associated with an adult. In Europe, it is estimated that around 7-8% of children have caregiving responsibilities.

While there are positive aspects to caring, many young carers provide care at great personal expense: they may struggle to balance their daily life with caregiving responsibilities, experience mental health issues as a result of their caregiving, face barriers in relation to school, further education and employment, they may also have less time for personal development and leisure and feel isolated.

The International Young Carers Conference is open to all researchers, civil society organisations, practitioners, decision makers, service providers and policy makers interested to learn about strategies implemented in different countries to listen to, identify and support young carers (what worked, what did not work, what can be replicated).