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Social Dimension of Erasmus+

Event Details

he Erasmus+ programme aims to develop a young generation of Europeans with a better understanding of citizens with a different background. A generation of Europeans whose identity goes beyond the traditional cultural divisions. To make sure this happens, the Erasmus experience must reach further than the individual student exchange, impacting local communities.

The ‘Social Dimension of Erasmus+’ conference will address how the Erasmus+ programme encourages a more connected and inclusive society through initiatives that promote social engagement and volunteering on exchange.

The focus areas of the conference are the following topics:

The social impact of Universities and their Internationalisation strategies on their local communities
Internationalisation of education in primary and secondary sections, lessons from the higher education sector
The recognition of social engagement initiatives in higher education, bringing non-formal education methods into education
Intercultural learning and the competence development of students as global citizens
This conference welcomes professionals working in the field of Education and Youth, interested in how Mobility programmes can have a lasting impact on local communities.
The target group of the event are International Relations Officers, policymakers in education and youth, National Agencies and Ministries, school teachers and student and youth representatives.
You can find the agenda here and more information about registering here.

Would you like to present your project at the Conference?

You can do so by hosting a workshop / Campfire session or Poster session during the conference! Submit your Project Info during registration or contact us at