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Quality of Childhood Intergroup – Core Capacities for Living and Learning in Childhood

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For almost 20 years, the Learning for Well-being (L4WB) Framework has been one contribution to literature on child well-being, proposing that through the application of the most fundamental human abilities – or ‘core capacities’ – children (and adults) can better understand and interact with the world around them, for life and for learning, and to realise their unique potential.

Core Capacities
Core capacities can be viewed as foundational to other competences, so easily taken for granted, that they are underutilised in efforts to promote child well-being and development. Core capacities are an attempt to identify the foundations of human ability to relate with oneself, others, and the environment, often the focus of the life skills literature (e.g. negotiation skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills).
By attempting to identify abilities that are elementary, the core capacities in the L4WB Framework offer a new way of conceptualising skills development without seeking to replace other existing competence models – complementing the same ambitions.
The L4WB Framework also proposes that each core capacity can be expressed through mental, emotional, and physical aspects, within a broader spiritual dimension, and in this way, come together to form a ‘holistic’ and a human-centred view of development embedded at the centre of a broader socio-ecological framework (a living social system).

The QoC Talk will be followed by an informal online meeting (Post-QoC) where participants will get a chance to continue conversation with speakers and discuss implications of the presentation.

  • Time: Tuesday 7 September (same day) from 13:00 until 14.30 CET
  • Registration: Please send a mail to informing whether you would like to attend the QoC and/or the Post-QoC. The respective Zoom links will be sent to you.