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Public funding and lifelong learning for sustainability: taking care of oneself, others and the planet

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Public funding and lifelong learning for sustainability: taking care of oneself, others and the planet

25 January 2023, 10am CET

A renewed impetus for re-imagining education systems was seen throughout 2022 with various milestones taking place. Investment in Education and Training was underlined in the Transforming Education Summit – resulting in concrete proposals for increased investments – and the work on Quality Investment in Education and Training by the European Commission which kicked started the work on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public funding in education and training (the new Learning Lab). On the side of sustainability, education was again highlighted as a key area to fight against climate change and build sustainable societies as part of the COP 27 and COP 15; at the EU level, the European Commission published the Council Recommendations on learning for the green transition and sustainable development as well as on a fair transition to climate neutrality. 

The Lifelong Learning Platform takes this opportunity to share our work around these two important areas by discussing the importance of public investment in education and training systems to transform them into sustainable education systems which nurture transformative learning experiences that build skills and competences to heal, empower, energise, and liberate the potential for the common good through a lifelong learning approach. As we enter the EU Year of Skills, through this webinar we seek to answer: is public investment the best financing tool to ensure that education fulfils its transformative potential?



  • 10.00 Introduction

The role of public funding in ensuring a lifelong learning approach to sustainability

  • 10.10 Guests interventions
      • Marta Concepcion Mederos, Vice President of the Lifelong Learning Platform
      • Dr Borhene Chakroun, Director for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems, UNESCO
  • 10.30 Open discussion
  • 10.45 Closing


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The event will take place online. Please register here.

The event is part of the Learning Planet Festival.