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Pan European Congress on Global Education 2022

Event Details

The Pan European Congress on Global Education of the Council of Europe, organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and its partners, will take place the 31 May and 1 June 2022.

Twenty years after the Europe-wide Congress held in Maastricht and ten years after the Council of Europe Recommendation on education for global interdependence and solidarity, there is a need to reflect and facilitate dialogue on the achievements in global education, consider the changing realities and address the social, economical and environmental challenges.

The Congress will bring together, through a hybrid setting, stakeholders in global education, in particular international organisations, governments, parliamentarians, local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, as well as educators from Europe and beyond.

Through a collaborative approach, the Pan European Congress on Global Education aims to facilitate a peer learning process leading to a set of strategic recommendations that promote the coordination of global education advocacy, capacity-building and awareness-raising at local and national levels and within the European and international institutions. It builds on the outcomes of the present cycle of the capacity-building and advocacy activities of the Council of Europe and European Union joint programme iLEGEND II Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue (2019-2022), and it is in line with the priorities of the Council of Europe Education department.

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