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MOVE Congress

Event Details

ISCA’s MOVE Congress is back! And it’s time for us to level up as change-makers who help people enjoy better health and wellbeing, better environments that inspire them to be active, and better access to sport and physical activity. We’re gathering 400 trailblazers like you in Madrid, Spain, on 15-17 November 2023, so you won’t want to miss it.
Our sector is about much more than sport and this is the conference where you can raise your voice when it comes to big issues like mental and physical health, the future of our planet, the threats and opportunities presented by the digital world, and social inclusion.

Level up: Gain inspiration, skills and strength to advance to the next level – you don’t need to be a computer game hero to join in, but you’ll learn how to defeat inactivity monsters like one.

Shape up: Fit bodies, fit minds, a healthy planet and a healthy sector can achieve much more. So how can we get into better shape to move with the times and make a difference?

Power up: Supercharge your network, get fit for the digital age and leap into a sustainable future – get inspired by people, cities and organisations who are on the MOVE.

More information and the programme are availabile here.