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Modernising teacher education in Central & Eastern Europe

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European Parliament – Brussels, 2 April 2019 

Room ASP 3 H1, 10 am –> Agenda

A growing body of research, reports and documents indicates that different countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been making considerable efforts to reform their teacher education systems and to try to implement new strategies and approaches in line with the EU policy. Although in many cases, these efforts demonstrate a powerful potential to build new ways of educating teachers, they should be systematically evaluated, discussed and revised to ensure that teachers are well-prepared for teaching in fast-changing classrooms.

The seminar, organized by MEP Krystyna Łybacka and the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), will respond to this call by presenting some of the trends, issues, challenges and prospects in teacher education in selected CEE countries in light of international trends and the latest policy development in the EU.

This seminar aims to

(1) analyse and reflect on the specific aspects of teacher education in selected CEE countries;

(2) discuss emerging broad issues, challenges, urgent problems in teacher education in the whole region; and

(3) on how to tackle them in new and innovative ways.

The conclusions from this discussion will be included in the book on „Teacher Education in Central and Eastern Europe: Recent Developments and Future Challenges” that is currently being prepared by members of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe.

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