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LLLWeek 2020

Event Details

The LLLWeek aims to raise awareness on lifelong learning’s capacity to answer many challenges of modern societies. The LLLWeek has over time become a milestone in the European education agenda, thanks to the support of civil society actors and Members of the European Parliament. The idea is to bring together learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives, and give them the opportunity to discuss today’s greatest educational challenges.

LLLWeek 2020 – Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies

Pin down the dates in your agenda, for the 10th edition of the LLLWeek will take place on 1-4 December 2020! The crucial topic of “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies” is in order: how can we define sustainability for the education sector? How can lifelong learning help achieve our goals? Find out all the details by clicking on the banner below!