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Lifelong Learning Interest Group Expert Roundtable on ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ – 15 Sept 2020, 11.00 (CEST) – Online meeting

In the current political climate where Europe is renewing its strategic policies for the upcoming period, the Green and Digital transitions seem to be the top priorities. At the same time, aligning the EU policies to the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, means to facilitate one of UNESCO’s pillar goals to multiply opportunities for education for sustainable development (ESD). As our world faces sustainability issues and scarcity of resources, we believe that educating present and future generations on the understanding that what we do today can have positive implications on the lives of people and the planet in future. ESD has the power to empower people to change the way they think and work towards a sustainable future; rooted in a holistic lifelong learning approach, education towards sustainability transforms societies by reorienting education and helping people develop knowledge, skills, values and behaviours needed for sustainable development. It is about including sustainable development issues, such as climate change and biodiversity loss into teaching and learning, to create solutions and enable human potential in the long run.

Building on the series on “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies”, LLLP and EAEA invite you to debate this transversal topic with experts and education stakeholders, addressing both the potential and the challenges of embedding such an innovative approach into our education systems.