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International Conference on ‘Jobs for the Future: SMART VET for Smart Development’

Event Details

The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) together with its partner organization European Vocational Training Association (EVTA) will organize their next annual conference in Sofia hosted by the Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre State Enterprise (DBBZ).

Both European organizations, EVBB and EVTA are part of the expert group of GD Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and are thus well-established and committed partners as European networks defending the interests of European VET providers. In addition, EVBB coordinates one of the working groups within the scope of the CEDEFOP run initiative on the community of VET Providers. The EVBB strives for a better reputation of VET in Europe and promotes VET policy as an essential tool for a sustainable economic development in Europe. Quality in VET, a better permeability between the education systems and innovative action for socially marginalized people are the topics embedded in our long-term strategies. EVBB and EVTA represent more than 70 VET and education actors including the biggest ones from Germany, France and Italy.

The EVBB and EVTA will organize their 2018 annual conference at the premises of the Hotel Balkan and the Hilton Hotel in Sofia, the capital city of the current Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
This year’s topic will focus on VET within the context of the challenges we are currently confronted with:

VET and further training models for the economy in the context of digital developments as a safeguard of competitiveness and social cohesion “
Moreover, we will have very enthusiastic participants presenting the development of vocational training policies and the role of trade unions in these issues. Also, we will have 5 different, very interesting seminars on June 8th, e.g. on “SMART VET 4.0 for a Smart Industry 4.0 – new training and new trainers for new skills”. Further, we will have Representatives for the Bulgarian government, such as the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Lazar Lazarov, as well as the Representative for the German-Bulgarian Educational Institution, Dr Lubov Popova.