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EuroClio – 29th Annual Conference

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Unpacking the Past
Recently the work of History Teachers’ Associations has increasingly focused on one theme: The complexity of history.

It highlights that history is complex because it is composed of multiple narratives and perspectives which are then interwoven together to create diverse and pluralistic societies composed of people with multilayered individual identities. Not only this: how we help develop the “necessary attitudes, dispositions, and ways of thinking in students to allow them to meaningfully engage with diverse perspectives from and about the past is (also) highly complex”.

While multiperspectivity and the complexity of the past are not a new subject, historiography and pedagogy have evolved in the last few years, growing to encompass new methodologies and teaching strategies that can help us and our students meaningfully navigate this complexity.

In Vilnius, we will take stock of these new approaches and reflect on the key questions:

  • how is the complexity of history tackled around Europe and the world?
  • how can we best identify complex histories and help our students understand them?
Our methodology focuses
This year, we have decided to identify three methodological approaches to spotlight throughout the conference. The past can be unpacked in a variety of ways, all suited for different classrooms, contexts, and historical events. During the Annual Conference, you will be able to attend workshops and sessions that use the following methodological approaches:

  • Dialogue, debate, and discussion in the classroom
  • Tackling controversial topics
  • Questioning
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