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Roles and Responsibilities of HEIs in Lifelong Learning – policies and practice

eucen focuses its 2020 Policy international dialogue to actual trends and impacts which may influence university lifelong learning and to underline the roles and responsibilities of HEIs in formulating and enhancing effective ways and forms of lifelong learning policies. eucen Policy Talks objective is to turn international dialogue into further commitments and actions upon influencing policies to raise quality and effectiveness in education and training from methodological concerns to professional developments, to enhance participation and partnerships in learning communities, cities and regions and to promote skills developments in accordance with both social and economic measures.

The eucen’s invited speakers this year will reflect upon the scope of specific issues that have been formulated by the communities they represent:
• Mr. Raul Valdes-Cotera – Senior Policy Expert/UNESCO Institute for Lifelong
Learning to focus on the new Handbook for Lifelong Learning: Policy and
• Ms. Brikena Xhomaqi – Director/Lifelong Learning Platform to reflect upon
the EU’s concerns of bridging Lifelong Learning to Sustainable Development
Goals and how the ET2030 framework will align with the Agenda 2030;
• Ms. Thérése Zhang Kai-Ying – Deputy Director/European University
Association to explain EUA’s focus on the planned UNESCO-survey on
‘Universities’ Contribution to Lifelong Learning’;
• Ms. Gina Ebner – Secretary General – Policy Expert/European Association
for the Education of Adults to provide a reflection upon LLL-policy grounds
to underline decent roles of adult education organisations and institutions take
to further partnership-based collaborations with LLL stakeholders, universities
amongst them, so as to raise both participation and performance.

The eucen Policy Talks commit and support fundamental values and principles in university policy and practices, and strongly claim to include the views and positions of notable European/international organisations developing and/or researching lifelong learning with innovative and critical approaches.

eucen believes that a new, socially driven European needs the active participation of universities to successfully respond to the global challenges of sustainable development in the context of quality learning and education and, simultaneously, to support local and regional, national policies and relevant initiatives so as to reach for social stability and solidarity through collaborative actions of lifelong learning and social engagement, and, for economic advancement based on lifelong learning for technological advancement via innovation, research and development alliances, platforms and projects.

Preliminary Programme | Roles and Responsibilities of HEIs in Lifelong Learning – policies and practice

Moderator: Seamus O’TUAMA

  • 09:45 Arrival and Registration. Welcome coffee.
  • 10:00 Opening: Roles and Responsibilities of HEIs in Lifelong Learning | Balazs NEMETH, President, eucen
  • 10:20 Handbook for Lifelong Learning: Policy and Practice | Raul VALDES-COTERA, Programme Officer, UNESCO Institute for LLL
  • 10:40 Survey on Universities contribution to Lifelong Learning | Thérése ZHANG KAI-YING, Deputy Director, EUA
  • 11:00 Coffee break
  • 11:30 EU’s concerns of bridging LLL to Sustainable Development Goals | Brikena XHOMAQI, Director, LLL Platform
  • 11:50 Lifelong Learning policy grounds for Adult Learners in Europe | Gina EGBER, Programme Officer, UNESCO Institute for LLL
  • 12:10 Open Discussion
  • 13:15 Conclusions Seamus O’TUAMA, Director LLL Centre, University College Cork
  • 13:30 Closing
    Audience | a maximum group of 26 participants expected from Civil Society (NGOs
    and associations from the Education sector) and European Policy Makers

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In case the Covid-19 situation makes impossible to travel, this
activity will be carried out on the same date, at the same time,
but online. We will inform participants in advance.